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  • “You just toss it around. It's like a little Frisbee with added float. You can bounce it off walls, play catch with a friend or even flick it away from you at an upward angle for a boomerang-like return. Definitely seems like fun for kids”

  • “We think it’s a fun gadget, especially during the wintertime and a kind of “lockdown”, becauseeven kids can play with it without breaking anything. You might have to put away the good vase, but unlike soccer balls there is no force behind it that can do any great damage.”

STEM:Science. Technology. Engineering. Mathematics. 

We hope that there is a product that allows children to participate in projects that are of interest to them and related to their lives. While exercising their problem-solving and teamwork skills, they can learn a variety of disciplines and cross-curricular knowledge and exercise their thinking skills. It also allows them to exercise and have fun. So our creative team got together, brainstormed and FlyNova was born. With advanced technology at its core, we designed simple, fun, and safe toys that can be used by all ages and have been proven to have a positive impact on brain development and children with ADHD and attention deficit.

Play Flynova Pro Flying Ball Anytime Anywhere!