1. 1. How to play with your FlyNova

    The video is based on the real shot without any fake content.
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    Learn to Soar with FlyNova
    • Spin to Start


    • Give it a Toss


    • Grab to stop


    ● Different throwing speeds and angles allow different flight paths, tricks, and high-speed maneuvers. 
    ● Read more details on Youtube: How to play FlyNova?


  2. 2. Tips for new Tricksters

    Throw Upwards & Boomerang Back

    This unique feature makes FlyNova perfect for solo play.

    Throw Downwards & Pass it to a Friend

    Perfect for a back & forth game of catch or team tricks with friends.
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    Play Like a Pro: Endless Aerobatic Tricks

    Simple to fly but with a little practice.

    Team Fun


    ● Read more details on Youtube: FlyNova - The Most Tricked-out Flying Spinner!


  3. 3. About us FlyNova Team

    Our team is made up of a group of energetic and enthusiastic young people. In Los Angeles, we have our own reative & maginative design team.

    We also have commissioned production of manufacturers after-sales follow-up team in China, which do a solid backup for us.

    FlyNova for anytime, anywhere fun.


  4. 4. About tracking info:

    Please click the link and enter your tracking number: https://www.17track.net/en
    If your tracking number is LPXXXXXXXXXSG, just enter the number and choose 4PX as the logistics provider.

    Because it is the peak season of logistics, the timeliness and info access may delay, we will help to follow up ,contact us by email to global@flynova.net


  5. 5. The function of the card, wrapping paper and ribbons sent with the FlyNova

    Obviously,you can wrap it up and give it away as a gift, also you can write down some blessing with the card. I am sure whoever receives such a exquisite gift would love it and thankful for you.


    Please identify the FLYNOVA trademark, any aircraft without this trademark are counterfeit products.


  6. 6. Contact us

    We promise we will always stand behind our products and services. Contact me by email to global@flynova.net if you have any questions.


  7. 7. FAQ

    - I received my FlyNova and found it was broken.

    - We check every FlyNova before shipment, but it is hard to avoid express delivery violence. Anyway we are still sorry for all the inconvenience and we will arrange new free replacement for you.

    - What can I do if my FlyNova light strip comes off?

    - We have strict quality inspection while production and before shipping. If your FlyNova have quality problems, you can send photos to email global@flynova.net so that we check the details and work the solution for you.
    PS: Please read the instructions before use and charge the FlyNova.Please do not disassemble by yourself.

    - I received my FlyNova but I can’t turn it on even if charging it.

    - Please read the instructions before use and charge. You can also email us for details.

    - I don't think this product is worth the price because it's so plastic.

    - In order to make it fly more easily, we chose this new material.
    In addition, We designed FlyNova to be fun and safe, especially for kids. We can avoid the damage caused by heavy objects hitting.
    It is worth mentioning that this material is not the plastic material in our general concept, in fact, it is a recyclable, new environmental protection material, can reduce the pressure on the environment.

    - The paint has come off the surface of my FlyNova after a few time practising.

    - It takes a few practice to play your FlyNova proficiently, so it's hard to avoid the problem of multiple falls that cause wear and tear. We will make improvements in future products.

    - I'm worried the FlyNova might hurt my kids.

    - We designed FlyNova to be fun and safe, especially for kids. The enclosed wheel design is aerodynamic and protects your hands while spinning it up and performing tricks. Catching it mid-air or on the go is easy and 100% safe.